Magdeleine & Joseph Apricot Jam
Tasting & Pairing 
This organic apricot jam is both sweet and tangy. It's organic free of any nasties and pairs perfectly with cheese, charcuterie and crackers. 

Magdeleine & Joseph Strawberry Jam
Tasting & Pairing
This organic Strawberry jam is the perfect French jam. Bursting with fresh summer fruit.  Their jams are very artisanal, good for both the taste buds and your mouth. Pair this with any number of cheeses or with sweet breakfasts like scones and clotted cream.

Meet the Maker  – Magdeleine and Joseph
Magdeleine and Joseph is a deliciously committed brand that makes beautiful jams with a beautiful story. They emply sixteen jam makers with disabilities to cook up original organic recipes with no additives. The result: jams concocted with love!

The ESAT Les Ateliers Saint-Joseph de Mérignac (33) was created in 1930 by Magdeleine de Vimont. For nearly 100 years, it has ensured the professional and social development of the 90 people with disabilities it welcomes. The Magdeleine & Joseph range was born in 2017. Today, surrounded by their monitors, 16 workers take turns in the cauldrons, 8 in logistics and 4 in the sales department.
Masia D’Or Brut Cava 
Tasting & Pairing 
This prosecco is made in the Alt Penedès region of Spain, hailing from the small region of Catalonia, close to Barcelona. This cava is pale yellow in colour with a vibrant taste on the palate. You’ll get subtle aromas of white fruits with citrus notes. Silky, fruity, and fresh, with lovely crunchy green apples. Finishes with a silky and refreshing taste, perfect for any occasion!

This cava is beautiful on its own, and also with most foods. We highly recommend pairing with Tapas and light picky bits. Think grilled anchovies, chorizo, jamon Ibèrico, picante olives, delish!

Meet the Maker – Casa Berger Vineyards
Produced by three enthusiastic and creative brothers who love food and drink. They split the responsibilities with Jordi, the oldest being in charge of preparation. Alex, one of the twins leading the business and sales, and Albert heading the marketing and creative. They’re working to revolutionise the drinks secto and make honest and fun brands. 

The grapes are grown in Casa in Casa Berger vineyards in Alt Penedès. They’re harvested at night, then mixed and chilled in dry ice, then spend two hours macerating before being fermedted for 25 days. They are then aged for 10-12 months before being sold. 
Organic Ventircina Salami
Tasting & Pairing 
The texture and taste of this ventricina salami makes it truly one of a kind. You’ll get a nice sweet and spicy flavour on the palate that’s strong and intense, but not overwhelming. The strong redy orange colour comes from the combination of pork and spices used in this traditional Italian mixture. We recommend pairing with crusty bread, potatoes, olives, and dry, full-bodied red wines. 

Meet the Maker – The Deli Society Partners 
We’ve partnered with a fourth-generation family business to bring you rhe finest Italian organic charcuterie. Their story starts when they opened their first deli shop in Meda at the beginning of 1900s. They are proud to be Italian, proud of their heritage and proud of their constant transparency. Though parts of their production system and company have changed, their values and the way they do things never will. They invest continuously in animal welfare and new technologies to ensure transparent and responsible production. 
Camembert de Normandie PDO - 250g 
Tasting & Pairing 
This camembert is a gold medal winner of the French Agricultural Awards. Goey, creamy, savoury, top rated goodness. Coming from the birthplace of camembert cheese this is truly the authentic stuff. It’s made from cow’s milk and is soft riened and creamy in texture with a white mold rind. You’ll find powerful flavours of mushroom, garlic, and nuts. 

Meet the Maker – Beillevaire Dairy 
The Marais Vendéen lies between the Loire River and Noirmoutier Island, where the wild grasslands have enchanted farmers over the years. Pascal Beillevaire was one of these farmers, who ended up deciding to settle there and dedicate himself to farming and cheesemaking. Here he blended two of his passions: trade and agriculture. He began by selling cream, butter, and other dairy products in local markets in the surrounding areas. After years of hard work he transformed his family dairy farm into Beillevaire dairy. Beillevaire strives to keep the French cheese making tradition alive by producing artisan cheese. Their cellard mature a vast range of quality French cheeses.  

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