Based in Wincanton, Somerset, the Keen family have been making unpasteurised Keens Cheddar since they moved to Moorhayes Farm in 1899. This was the year George and Stephen's great-grandfather purchased the farm. Five generations later George's son James Keen has stepped up to the mark and the family are still proudly producing world famous, award-winning British Cheddar Cheese.

Award-winning unpasteurised Keens Cheddar is the answer here. This traditional farmhouse Cheddar is characterised by a densely rich and creamy texture, and layers of flavour that can range from savoury and mustardy to juicy and bright, with a pleasing tang of acidity. This can  depend on maturity which can range from 12 to 24 months.

Keens use the milk from their own cows who spend most of their days roaming their 500-acre backyard. The cheese-making process then begins with 12 hours of milking. The milk is not stored, tampered with, or transported. Simply raw, unpasteurized milk. This is why Keens is a playground of exciting flavors. The process is all done by hand, which means each batch is done by a real-life person making unique decisions every day, making each wheel of cheese slightly and uniquely different. A true artisan cheese. The cheese is then made in a round mold, the traditional way. Then it really is pampered. For three days it is pressed and bathed in hot water. This ensures it behaves as true cheddar should with a super crumbly texture. It is then given its own spot on a shelf where it matures gracefully for at least 12 months.

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