Fratelli D'Acunzi Srl is a canned food and vegetable company founded in 1958 in the heart of the Sarnese-Nocerino countryside. Three well-known local traders: Salvatore, Filippo and Pasquale, decided to give a productive structure to their activities, creating a small family business, namely the SNC "Fratelli D'Acunzi". They were merchants of food and owned a small shop in the village. From the very first years of the company their spearhead was the transformation of the typical San Marzano tomato. 

The children have now taken over the company as it continues to grow and their forces are increasingly focused on canned tomatoes, peaches, and legumes. 

All the production for these tomatoes takes place in Lower Nocera, in the province of Salerno. Only tomatoes that are full-bodied and with an intense taste are selected. These tomatoes are especially recommended for cooking fresh sauces for a light, full and traditional flavour. 

Conservation of the tomato takes place only in the best time period, from mid-July to the end of September. This is when the sun is capable of bringing fruits to the right ripeness, enriching them with flavours and intense aromas. 

Once the harvest has been carried out, their agricultural suppliers transport the raw materials. Once they've arrived, a product calibration is carried out. The products are tested on arrival and once they pass rigorous inspection they can be taken for the next stage. 

Washing is the first thing that takes place, only carefully cleaned products go into production. The tomatoes are hand sorted and checked over and over for any defects. The jars are then filled with the right quantities of tomatoes, avoiding the formation of mold inside the boxes. Once the cans are filled the weight, quality, quantity and biological values are checked thoroughly to ensure they are all excellent.  

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