Les Athlètes du Vin is a project started by French wine group called Vini Be Good. The idea behind the group is to relieve winegrowers of marketing and logistic considerations, allowing them to freely focus on creating the highest quality wines. Their common core philosophy is that the character of wines begins on the wine and that the soil is worked in such a way that grapes can draw their quintessential qualities.

As of 2004, nine different estates have been trusting Les Athlètes du Vin with distributing their product range. A great deal of sharing goes on within the group on both technical grounds and in the tasting room. The older the winemakers' solid experience blends with enthusiasm for the new generation. 

The labels for Les Athlètes du Vin are created by the French artist Michel Tolmer. Tolmer has been the unofficial lead artist of the natural wine movement since the 1990s.

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