In order to rediscover this traditional, gourmet product, they have kept a traditional method of production. Authentic, handmade and generous in taste, their pâté is nonetheless elegant and graceful in texture.
Les Conservistes History

In 2017, two school friends, Jean-Baptiste & Romain , chose to modernize the “homemade, yesteryear” pâté in their own way, by creating the Conservistes .
Eager to revisit the established codes of artisanal gastronomy, they come together around two complementary visions. Make the "pâté glamorous" , while maintaining traditional know-how, inherited from their roots in the Southwest. Animal welfare pork mixed with high-quality beautiful ingredients make for a simple but beautiful take on such a traditional product from France.
Local, high animal welfare Ingredients

Concerned about the quality of their products, they work directly with producers they actually know. This allows to promote a short supply chain, guarantee the quality of the products, boost the local economy and reduce carbon footprint.
Saint-Sever, South West France

John, Romain and Yohan from Les Conservisties

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