After discovering his love for wine while working in a bar in Pamplona, Luis Moya Tortosa spent his formative years in the wine industry working for local co-ops and travelling around the area. This gave him the insight on where the best vineyard sites were, and highlighted how many of these parcels of grapes went to waste.

In 2012 Luis started making his own wines; Masusta, Urbanita and Kimera. He cites the result of these wines as being years of experience and an overall passion for what he does. 

Luis has a highly unique business model where he does not work off of a single estate winery that makes their wines from one plot. Instead, he refers to himself as a nomad, renting out a variety of different winemaking spaces in existing wineries. This approach allows him a huge degree of flexibility and potential to develop his portfolio.  
Though Luis works across a variety of different plots, his winemaking style can be described as minimal intervention. He will only intervene when it will improve the wine and practices gentle filtration techniques and an 'only when necessary' approach when using sulphur. His overall goal is to always let the grape variety be the main attraction of the wine. 

The wines are made in an absolutely artisan way with yeast and indigenous bacteria. He slightly controls the temperature during the fermentation process, always looking for the least extraction. He avoids clarifying the wines and they are only filtered gently on rare occasions. 

Luis wines represents minimal intervention and the new wave of modern Spanish wines. 

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