The Story

Peter and Sue Coleman embarked on managing their poultry and duck farming company in 1985,  alongside the family’s existing operations at their farm in Crediton, Devon. In the early 80’s, Merrifield farm was a mixed farm focusing on sheep, pigs, and beef, all run by Peter and Sue. 

The pair were at a friend's house for dinner enjoying a traditional Sunday roast chicken when the idea to begin rearing and processing chicken on the farm came to them. They initially began doing it for friends and family, as they were dissatisfied with the declining quality and flavour of other chicken available on the market. 

Utilising some of the old buildings on the farm property, the business was born. Demand grew from friends and family, and Peter and Sue turned to the local butchers to grow their business further. They noticed a clear demand for good quality, traditional chicken to be used for Sunday Roasts, or similar occasions. 

Demand changed in the 90’s and Peter and Sue began rearing smaller free-range chicken, as opposed to barn reared chicken. They recruited the help of other local farmers and started rearing what is now their best-selling free-range chicken. 

They were joined in 1998 by their son, James, who is the current managing director. They’ve now specialised in producing the finest Free Range Duck and Chicken for over 30 years with a reputation for great flavour and a high meat yield. Their goal has always remained the same, to produce great tasting poultry with a huge emphasis on welfare and sustainable farming. 
The Chicken

All of the Merrifield Farm chicken is reared to the highest welfare standards where the chickens have access to large grassy ranges to roam. They’re fed a mixture of conventional feed combined with a low energy feed which gives them an exceptional flavour while maintaining an excellent meat yield. Their poultry is served within numerous Michelin starred restaurants. 
The Duck

All Merrifield farm free-range ducks are reared to the highest welfare standards offering a large grass covered range where the ducks can roam freely. They are fed on a natural diet of wheat, oats and maize, they are slow grown and ethically reared. The farmers dry pluck the birds, making the skin perfect for crisping in the oven. 

This duck has a truly one of a kind flavour and quality, and comes with the satisfaction of knowing it has been ethically raised. This duck is a top choice for renowned chefs across the UK, appreciating the superior quality the farm consistently provides. 

Our Production

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