Nuri has a select process and limited production, each can of Nuri symbolizes a legacy. A unique and unparalleled quality that has become a symbol of life’s precious moments that we share with our loved ones. All ingredients are selected by hand and the unique traditional method is maintained from generation to generation. Nuri sardines bring the same unforgettable flavor to our table as always.
From the purchase of the best fish, the selection of the freshest ingredients, the unique method of cooking to the careful manual preparation process, everything flows into an artisanal product. Culminating in a very special moment when each can is wrapped manually, just like a very special gift would be. Nuri consumers know that they belong to a restricted and exclusive group of connoisseurs of genuine and unique products, made from people to people.
NURI is produced at Pinhais & Cª Lda factory, a canning company in Matosinhos, Portugal, founded in 1920 and which, until today, is the only company that remains faithful to the traditional method throughout its production. 
Their differentiation comes from the selection and purchase of only the best fish, the freshness of its ingredients, in homemade recipes perfected by generations, and of course, the small – but great – details that only their dedicated collaborators know, as they are used to handling this product for many decades now.

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