Pancracio is a Spanish artisan luxury chocolate company originating in Cadiz, Spain. Founded in 2003 by Pedro Alvarez who had a dream of making chocolate of the highest quality. Alvarez has an unmistakable passion for good taste and a keen eye for the aesthetics which can be admired in the brand's beautiful packaging. One of their main goals has always been to create original products with personality, simplicity and elegance. Alvarez was inspired to start a chocolate brand because his grandmother would make him and his siblings bread with chocolate. He called the company ‘Pancracio’, as the name alludes to something vintage, traditional and elegant. He wanted the brand to carry a retro image while at the same time evoking something clean and modern. 

In 2017, Alvarez sold Pancracio to Valencian investors, but his original vision of the brand remains intact. The product keeps its clean yet vintage identity. They also keep their commitment to quality. The company offers unique artisanal chocolate flavours such as crunchy chocolates, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate with salted chips and raspberry and roses chocolate to name a few. They put a keen focus on the originality of their products and a commitment to the finest quality chocolate. 
The artisan process of making the chocolate that begins at the origin place and continues into the workroom. They select the best cocoa beans from the most exclusive harvesting estates and create their chocolate by enhancing the characteristics that render them unique and unrivalled. They are constantly creating new products that result in unique experiences.  

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