The Perusini vineyard is a family affair that's been passed down from generation to generation. Giacomo Perusini, a wise and enthusiastic vine-grower combined his research on wine with his running of the estate. After his premature death in World War I his wife Giuseppina, a painter and writer continued his work and re-launched the wines on the Italian market and abroad. 

Today Giacomo's granddaughter Teresa, an art historian and keen cultivator who divides her time between her studies and running the estate with her husband Giacomo de Pace and her three sons Carlo, Tomasso and Michele. They have invested in a technique that uses nitrogen to produce the standout copper colour of their wine. 

For centuries the hills of Gramogliano have been renowned for their natural beauty and the terrain, position, and microclimate. The winery's rich ancestry has not gone unnoticed and it was listed as one of 50 Italian Historical Winegrowers by renowned wine critic Luigi Veronelli. 
Perusini Pinot Grigio Ramato is an orange wine with an extraordinary coppery colour obtained through a four day pre-fermentation cold soak on the skins. This is done to extract colour as well as unique flavours. It is a full-flavoured Pinot Grigio with a high aromatic content of fresh fruit, flowers and blossom that come together to form a complex flavour profile. The selection of grapes is crucial to the product, as is the subsequent five day cryomaceration which gives the wine it's extraordinary colour. It is a very complex wine. 
A four-day long pre-fermentation cold maceration (soaking in tanks) enables Perusini to extract the colour from the grape skins while keeping the delicate fruity flavours intact. When the Pinot Grigio grapes are crushed and the skins are allowed to spend time with the juice, a coppery colour results in a distinct wine style called Ramato. ‘Ramato’ comes from the word 'rame' which means 'copper' in Italian.

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