Grass fed beef
Our 100% free range and outdoor reared meat is from a family-run farm in South Devon. Here, cows roam free and eat a natural diet of of grass and anything else they can get their mouths on! 

Free range, Grass fed meat is healthier, plus ethically and sustainably superior
All our meat is produced in a way that respects nature, the environment and the animal.
The Farmers
The Winzer family produce livestock on their family farm in Devon .
Like most family businesses, they had a humble beginning, starting out in one of the original farm buildings at Rake Farm, Loddiswell some 40 years ago. The late Alan Winzer had butchered and sold their own livestock for home use before moving to providing meat to the catering trade. Alan passed the business to Richard and Susie Winzer, who worked hard to build the well-established, award winning business that it is today. 
The business has been passed down for generations and Alan's grandchildren have now taken the reins. 

The Winzer family

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