In 2007, the year that João – the first-born of Sandra Madeira and Jorge Raiado - was also born, the couple spent the summer at Sandras father's salt pans in Castro Marim, they could barely imagine that a new venture presented itself on that serene horizon that would bring a new taste to their lives: Flor de Sal.

Enthused by life's pleasures and gastronomy in particular, it wasn't hard to see how salt was to become a valuable treasure as well as a valuable form of exchange. To then seek to restore it to its former glory with a new approach, only requiring the desire and an instinct for knowing that this ingredient still has much to show and to enchant.

It is said that salt seasons life and this could not be closer to the truth. The flakes of salt and all of the variations that arise from its process of formation are not only inspiring as an activity, they are also extraordinary in their powers: they bring out flavours and bring the most insipid ingredient to life: transforming an everyday dish into something that is really special.
Harvested and packed by hand in the Sapal de Castro Marim Nature Reserve, the Flor de Sal Salmarim is delicate and voluminous. It presents itself dry, in thin irregular reeds that melt between the fingers, without offering resistance or sticking to the skin. 

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