19 years ago Mark's wife, Wendy, gave him three garlic cloves as a gift when his main business was livestock farming. Now the farm was growing 90,000 elephant garlic bulbs on 10 acres near Bridport. Mark has now switched predominantly to garlic and the animals he does keep on the farm are for providing fertiliser. They are trying to become biodynamic, so that everything on the farm has a job to do. The cattle can produce meat, but also produce top quality manure, so the whole process goes full circle.
Black garlic has become a sensation, and Mark came across it when he was looking for something to sell in the winter. He says they were looking for a way to preserve the garlic without adding anything to it. He found a recipe online, and took three and a half years to perfect it. 

Black garlic uses fermentation to preserve the garlic head and is commonly found in Korean cuisine. It's taste is less garlicky and more sweet, earthy and tangy. The cloves are soft and dark brown/black in colour. The flavours are deep and caramelised with a sweet sour balance. There are hints of aged balsamic, black cardamom, leather, smoke, tamarind and liquorice. It is a unique, truly artisan ingredient, with a special taste of its own. 

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