The Lenzini Estate covers 24 hectares in the foothills of Lucca, in the beautiful area of Gragnano. The property dates back to the sixteenth century and bears a rich history. The properties were owned by the Arnolfini family, whose portrait was famously painted by Jan Van Eyck and is on display at The National Gallery in London. Additionally, the pilgrimage route 'Via Francigena' used to cross the lands of the Lenzini estate, meaning Napoleon Bonaparte's troops walked in the same places now cultivated with vines and olive trees. 
The family business begins with their grandfather Franco Lenzini. A great man and entrepreneur, he had a great love for wine and oil. With a vision he embarked on the restoration of the estate, which had been left in a ruinous state. He not only restored the estate, but made it more beautiful. Today the land is taken care of by Benedetta, the grandfather of Franco and her husband Michele Guarino, they work together to discover the origin of the wine. They began organic wine production in 2007, and from 2010 have been practicing biodynamic agriculture, which they see as the only way to preserve their land. 
Casa e Chiesa is the Lenzini house Merlot and is a great introduction to the quality of the red wines they produce. The colour is a deep ruby in the glass with a complex nose of cherry, plum, red and black berries, underpinned by earthy balsamic spicy notes. This is a delicious and easy to enjoy wine that's has a good structure to be paired with food. Overall a fantastic biodynamic Tuscan Merlot. 

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