These wines are great enjoyed on their own, but also pair really nicely with a number of dishes. Bordeaux is a very classic red and pairs best with hearty dishes such as roast lamb, venison, duck or beef. 

Transport to the wine-growing region of Bordeaux with this wine duo. Enjoy these two wines from amazing independent winemakers based in the Bordeaux region. The Bordeaux region produces medium to full-bodied wines. 
Franc le Maine, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, 2015 
This 2015 Bordeaux is deep purple in colour. It has a high amount of the Cabernet Franc grape variety, giving the wine a lovely freshness and velvety length. It is energetic and expressive and sure to impress. You'll get notes of red and black fruits, espresso, and oak. 

Meet the Maker - Vignobles Bardet
Vignobles Bardet is a small Chateau owned by the Bardet family, located near the Dordogne river, in the Saint-Emilion appellation. Their story begins in 1704 when Mr. Seigneriau, a river boatman, used to transport barrels of wine to the port. As the river trade flourished, he bought vineyards. In the 1920s, Mr Seigneriau's granddaughter, Mathilde Roy, married Henri-Gabriel Bardet who found the first family vineyard, Château du Val d'Or. In 1962, his son Roger Bardet (father of the current owner, Philippe Bardet), became the owner of Château Franc Le Maine in 2008. Roger Bardet passed on to his son his passion for growing wine and a deep respect for the state. They seek to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment by adopting practices that protect nature’s balance. 
Château Roc Meynard, Bordeaux Supérieur, 2018 
This is a lighter bodied red from a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, a true testament to the region’s typical wines. It is robust yet elegant and full of ripe red fruits, dark spices, and a hint of licorice. 

Meet the Maker - Vignobles Hermouet
Over the past thirty years Vignobles Hermouet has been making tremendous wines and continually navigating the grape’s journey from vine to glass. They source the best rootstocks and favour high densities to get the most out of the soil. Whether at Clos du Roy in the town of Saillans or at Château Roc Meynard in the neighboring town of Villegouge, by sourcing the best rootstocks and favouring high densities to get the most out of the soil Vignobles Hermouet produce high quality wines that continue to make a stir.

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