The story starts when they opened their first deli meat shop in Meda at the beginning of the last century. They are proud to be Italian, proud of their heritage and proud of their transparency, always transferring these values into all their products. Production systems, eating habits and consumer behaviour has changed since when they started but the way they do things never will. 

Today they believe the only way to provide customers with the cured meats they deserve is to invest continuously in animal welfare and new technologies which are then applied to their supply chains. This method ensures transparent and responsible production.
Since the '90s, our partner has incorporated, managed and directly controlled all stages of its production process, including breeding, slaughtering, meat processing and curing. They are solely responsible for their supply chain and can trace and track the progress of the raw materials used and constantly monitor them. They implement the highest possible animal welfare standards and pay close attention to environmental issues. It is the only system of its kind in Italy and one of very few in all of Europe. 
Respect for the environment and effective management of the problems that production processes create for the ecosystem are guiding principles for our partners' good practices for sustainable development. 

They intend to go beyond the concept of the 'Green Strategy'. As producers and breeders for more than 100 years and pioneers of supply chain systems and animal welfare, they meet this challenge with passion guided by an indispensable value which is transparency towards their consumers and consumers.

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