The culture of Iberian ham remains intact, passed down from generation to generation. History and ancestral customs have laid the foundations for the extraordinary quality of our ham.

Our partners' family has kept the unique process they use to make their ham alive since 1890. For five generations they've made 100% natural ham, free of additives and preservatives. It is cured with only sea salt in their slow, all-natural dying process to create their exceptional ham, with its intense and unique flavour that can't be found anywhere else. 
The natural process takes place in semi-darkness, in which sea salt is the only guest. No other additives have any place in the process, because only salt understands the art of natural preservation. White and crystalline is capable of accompanying the flavour of Iberian ham. 

The maturation takes place in natural drying cellars and gives way to a long, patient and vigilant process. The Iberian ham gradually acquires its balance, taking years of harmony to turn each piece into a masterpiece. 

A unique flavour is the result of the long and delicate process involving time and a traditional production process that has been handed down for generations. 

Our Production

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