Les Athlètes Du Vin Saumur Champigny 
Coming from Saumur-Chapigny, one of the major appellations of the Loire Valley. This is a crisp, easy drinking, light-bodied wine made of 100% Cabernet Franc. It gives a fun nose of black fruits, violets and an earthy touch. 

Les Athlètes Du Vin Chenin 
This aromatic Chenin from Touraine with hints of fruits and white flowers is complex and nervous. This wine can resist from aperitive all the way to the cheeseboard due to its complexity.

Both these wines pair perfectly with cheeses and charcuterie, sausages, and paté. Also really great as an aperitif. 
Les Athlètes Du Vin 
Les Athlètes du Vin is a négociant project focused on producing great value typical wines from the Loire Valley. The idea was conceived by a group of French winemakers called Vini Be Good who work together to distribute their wines in France. 

The labels for Les Athlètes du Vin wine are drawings by French artist, illustrator, and cartoonist Michael Tolmer. Tolmer has been the unofficial lead artist of the French natural wine movement since the 1990s. 

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