All the essentials for a foodie's new home. The perfect gift to light up their new kitchen. Includes: Brut M'or Cava, Olea Pia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olea Pia Chilli Oil, Dorset Sea Salt, Italian Pasta Flour, Bold Bean Queen Butter Beans, Spaghetti Chitarra - Afeltra, Pasta di Gragnano IGP, Wilderbee Hot Honey, Healthpunk Tomato Puree, The Deli Society Picante Gordal Olives, San Marzano Tomatoes, White Mausu Black Bean Rayu & Pancracio Chocolate.
Masia D’Or Brut Cava 
Tasting & Pairing 
This prosecco is made in the Alt Penedès region of Spain, hailing from the small region of Catalonia, close to Barcelona. This cava is pale yellow in colour with a vibrant taste on the palate. You’ll get subtle aromas of white fruits with citrus notes. Silky, fruity, and fresh, with lovely crunchy green apples. Finishes with a silky and refreshing taste, perfect for any occasion!

This cava is beautiful on its own, and also with most foods. We highly recommend pairing with Tapas and light picky bits. Think grilled anchovies, chorizo, jamon Ibèrico, picante olives, delish!

Meet the Maker – Casa Berger Vineyards
Produced by three enthusiastic and creative brothers who love food and drink. They split the responsibilities with Jordi, the oldest being in charge of preparation. Alex, one of the twins leading the business and sales, and Albert heading the marketing and creative. They’re working to revolutionise the drinks secto and make honest and fun brands. 

The grapes are grown in Casa in Casa Berger vineyards in Alt Penedès. They’re harvested at night, then mixed and chilled in dry ice, then spend two hours macerating before being fermedted for 25 days. They are then aged for 10-12 months before being sold. 
Olea Pia Organic Olive and Chilli Oil 
A high-quality olive oil produced in the Puglia region of Italy. With powerful and fruity intensity this olive oil is obtained from Croatina olives, a typical variety of this region of Southern Italty. The olives are hand picked and immediately pressed to preserve their unique flavour and intense aroma. In addition to its great taste, it also has health benefits being rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health. The perfect strong and fruity olive oil to add an intense Italian flavour to your favourite dishes. 

This super spicy oil is born from the infusion in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a balanced blend of some of the most spicy peppers in the world, cold worked to preserve all their nutritional properties. After tasting this chilli oil, created especially for pizza, you won't be able to do without it! You will be struck by how well it is able to enhance the taste of your food to the maximum with an explosion of bewitching aromas.

Meet the Maker – Olea Pia 
Olea Pia comes from people passionate about gastronomy and producing high-end products for the general public. Each product is meticulously chosen for its natural quality, and processed with precision in accordance with traditions. 

Olea Pia’s origins began in Puglia, the heel of the boot, where they began producing their traditional olive oil. They expanded additionally to Liguria where sweet and fruity olive oils were revealed. Finally they began producing a rosé balsamic vinegar in Modena. 
HLTH PUNK Tomato Paste 
Tasting & Pairing 
A 100% undiluted organic Italian tomato paste. This stuff is as clean as it gets and brims with strong tomatoey goodness. It’s the perfect tomato concentrate for any tomato based recipe, especially pastas.

Meet the Maker – HLTH PUNK 
Growing up, Richard Lassalle’s parents lived close to the earth as artists, potters, chefs and farmers who believed a healthy diet equated to a healthy body. His idea for Hlthpunkcame when making harissa, his brother remarked why they don’t start putting it in a tube and selling it. And so Hlthpunk was born, a plant-based, planet-friendly, highly delicious range of condiments. 
Wilderbee Hot Honey 
Tasting & Pairing 
Wilderbee hot honey is made with organic wildflower honey and a blend of fruity, hot scotch bonnet chillies, making it the perfect combination of sweet and heat. It goes with pretty much everything and can be drizzled beautifully over pancakes, pizza, BBQ fried chicken, cheese, charcuterie, or even in cocktails – you’ll be putting this stuff on everything after your first drizzle. 

Meet the Maker – Wilderbee
Wilderbee hot honey was created in 2014 on board street food chef Dan Shearman’s food truck. After discovering the wonder of the sweet and spicy product in a New York Pizza joint he knew he needed to bring it to the UK. Upon returning home he created a UK version of the product for his own menu, using the highest quality honey infused with fresh scotch bonnet chillies. 
Durum Semola (Italian Pasta Flour)
Tasting & Pairing 
Durum semola is the best flour for fresh pasta. Perfect for the new home owner and avid cook that wants to break in their new kitchen the right way. 

Meet the Maker – Molino Pasini 
With the art of making flour ingrained in their DNA, Molino Pasini has been in the active milling sector for over 80 years. They are a flour mill company that specialises in producing top-quality soft wheat flours. Their devotion to quality is the most distinctive characteristic of their philosophy being a company that guarantees a high level quality for all its products. 
Pancracio Chocolate with Nibs
Tasting & Pairing 
Pancracio dark chocolate with nibs is 64% dark chocolate and includes crunchy caramelised nibs (think chocolate caramel) and Fleur de Sel. The nibs add the perfect crunch to the rich and creamy texture of the chocolate. Top all that off with a light touch of salt to harmonise all the flavours. 

Meet the Maker – Pancracio 
Pancracio is a Spanish artisan luxury chocolate company originating in Cadiz, Spain. Founded in 2003 by Pedro Alvarez who had a dream of making chocolate of the highest quality. Alvarez has an unmistakable passion for good taste and a keen eye for the aesthetics which can be admired in the brand's beautiful packaging. One of their main goals has always been to create original products with personality, simplicity and elegance. Alvarez was inspired to start a chocolate brand because his grandmother would make him and his siblings bread with chocolate. He called the company ‘Pancracio’, as the name alludes to something vintage, traditional and elegant. He wanted the brand to carry a retro image while at the same time evoking something clean and modern.
La Carmela Tomatoes
Tasting & Pairing 
Rich and sweet from days ripening in the sun, these 100% Italian chopped tomatoes bring an unrivalled, authentic flavour to your dishes. Use these in your next lasagna, pasta, pizza, soup, baked eggs, you name it these tomatoes will be unrivalled. 

Meet the Maker - La Carmela 
Fratelli D'Acunzi Srl is a canned food and vegetable company founded in 1958 in the heart of the Sarnese-Nocerino countryside. Three well-known local traders: Salvatore, Filippo and Pasquale, decided to give a productive structure to their activities, creating a small family business, namely the SNC "Fratelli D'Acunzi". They were merchants of food and owned a small shop in the village. From the very first years of the company their spearhead was the transformation of the typical San Marzano tomato. The children have now taken over the company as it continues to grow and their forces are increasingly focused on canned tomatoes, peaches, and legumes.
Afeltra Spaghetti Chitarra 
Tasting & Pairing 
This is truly elevated spaghetti, and will be the best addition to your next bolognese. Made to exact standards in the capital of pasta, Gragnano, Napoli. Made from the best raw ingredients, in the case of dry pasta this just involves flour and water. Pasta from Gragnano is made with semola di grano duro, a hard wheat variety native to Italy. This is milled into coarse flour to retain nutrients and flavour of the grain. 

Meet the Maker - Afeltra
Afletra is a prize-winning historic pasta factory located in the province of Napoli in the small town of Gragnano. Pasta production has been taking place here for centuries, but it wasn't until the 18th century that Gragnano became a renowned location for pasta production. Afeltra was founded in 1848, and still occupies the prized location in Via Roma in the heart of Gragnano, also known as "strada dei pastai" or pasta makers street. 
Bold Bean Co Queen Butter Beans
Tasting & Pairing 
These are the most ridiculously creamy, big, juicy butter beans you will find ON THIS PLANET! Grown in the lush pastures along the Dunajec river valley, we see them as the "creme de la creme" of the bean world. Try them tossed through a puttanesca sauce or with a fresh basil pesto.

Meet the Maker – Bold Bean Co 
Amelia discovered her love for creamy heirloom butter beans after eating them on a hungover lazy morning as a student in Spain. After three years of working in the food sustainability space with top London chefs, a little legume appreciation turned into a full on obsession. Amelia wasn't just inspired by restaurants using high quality beans creatively, but also learned from those around her in food sustainability. 
Dorset Sea Salt 
Tasting & Pairing 
This product has received a huge amount of acclaim, putting Dorset Sea Salt Co on the map. This salt is hand harvested from the pristine mineral rich, and world famous waters of the Jurassic coast. This salt should be used to finish the cooking process, using the flakes for a burst of flavour and an honest taste of Dorset. 

Meet the Maker – Dorset Sea Salt Co 
The Dorset Sea Salt Company was founded in 2017 as a Princes trust supported business. It began when Jethro realised that salt production was once an incredibly important industry in Isle of Portland, the southernmost point of the county of Dorset. The importance of the industry diminished due to industrialisation in the area, and they wanted to bring it back. They now have listings with some of the most esteemed retailers and wholesalers in the UK. With the original mission to revive the salt industry on the Isle of Portland, they’ve succeeded that and beyond, bringing life back to their stunning coastal town. 
White Mausu Black Bean Rãyu 
Tasting & Pairing 
Spicy, salty and funky. Fermented Chinese Black Beans form the base of this Rāyu.  Mixed with infused chilli and warming spices like star ainse & a pinch of cinnamon. Use this hot sauce for dressing breakfast eggs, a dipping sauce for dumplings and tempura prawns, or for really anything you feel like adding that extra kick to. The main takeaway for White Mausu products are that they are condiments that literally make any dish better. PS. It's also Michel Roux's desert island ingredient.

Meet the Maker – White Mausu 
Founded by Katie and Jasper, two pop-up chefs with over 30 years of experience. The pair love to experiment with exciting flavours and new ingredients. Inspired by Japanese rāyu and their love of chilli they set up a stall selling their condiments in Dublin flea market, from there, White Mausu was born. Based in Ireland they use traditional East Asian and Irish ingredients with no additives. Their condiments are the perfect addition to veg, stews, fish and noodles as an inexpensive way to jazz up tired recipes. 

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