Madam I’m Adam Rosé
This Rosé is made from 100% harvested Merlot grapes from the Picoron vineyard in Sainte Colombe, Bordeaux, France. You’ll get notes of a fresh bouquet of wild strawberries, grapefruit, and wildflowers for a refreshing and dry effect. Pairs nicely with grilled meats and vegetables, or enjoyed on its own. 

Tattarrattat Merlot 
This unique red is 100% Merlot and we recommend serving it slightly chilled. You’ll taste fresh red fruits, sour cherry, and crunchy red apple in this delightful, slightly fizzy red. The fizz happens due to the wine being fermented and preserved under carbonic gas, without sulphites. Pairs nicely with charcuterie and cheese. 

No Lemon, No Melon White Merlot 
Also a 100% Merlot wine, this white is incredibly fresh. You can taste floral notes with white peach and a buttery finish as the wine spends some time in French oak barrels as a part of its fermentation. Not your typical traditional white Bordeaux. Pairs amazingly with sushi, white fish, and light salads. 

Meet the Maker - Château Picoron
Château Picoron is owned by the Kalyk family, an Australian family who has converted the vineyard and wine-making practices to organic. They are on a mission to produce hand-made wines that are high quality and great value. They express the true heritage of the Bordeaux region and its traditional grape varieties. 

Winemaking on this estate began over 2,000 years ago and from 1570 was continued by the Picoron family. Château Picoron wines are an honest expression of the terroir on the famous St Emilion clay & Limestone ridge. These wines are an honest expression of the region and are all made of 100% Merlot grapes. 

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