Meet the Makers
Pinhais & CIA 
These sardines have been produced in Matosinhos, Portugal since 1920. They remain faithful to traditional methods of production, guaranteeing the highest quality and flavour in their products. Their product stands out for using only the best fish, the freshest ingredients, and a traditional method. 

El Capricho 
A family business that has been located in the small traditional fishing village of Santoña, Cantabria in Spain. The company started as a passion project with the aim of going back in time and relying on the hand-crafted experience of skilled workers. The result is their outstanding anchovies. 
The sardines in tomato sauce, olive oil, and spiced olive oil are all from Portugal, premium artisan, and incredibly versatile. These can be eaten on their own, on a snack plate or as part of dishes such as pasta or salads.
YellowFin Tuna 
This tuna is steamed to preserve the texture of the flesh, then packed by hand and topped with extra virgin olive oil from Castillo de Canena. This tuna will make you rethink tinned tuna. Try it in a tuna salad sandwich, or topped on a niçoise salad. 
Anchovies in EVOO 
These are truly the best preserved anchovy out there. They are packed with sea salt and cured for 12-18 months, then sealed and processed no further. They are fleshier and fattier than your typical anchovy and are wonderful on their own or topped on pan con tomate, pizzas, and a number of other dishes. 

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