Established as an organic wine producer over sixty years ago, Torri Cantine has recently seen a resurgence. Building on their heritage, while constantly working to innovate and ensuring they maintain their reputation for producing fine wines. 

The vine coloured hills of Torri Cantine express an infinite variety of scents and all the colours of the earth warmed by the sun. The new labels are full of expression of quality and peculiarities of their particular terroir. 

The Abruzzo vineyard now covers more than 60 hectares in the Teramo province, at the favourable altitude of 100-300 metres above sea level. The soil and the climate are ideal for growing grapes. With hard work the vineyard and the winery produce wines of excellent quality. Torri Cantine grows 8 different types of grape and they use wood as little as possible during the fermentation process so that the flavour of each of these grapes takes front and centre in their wines.

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