The Vinos Lof story began four decades before Samuel Lopez & Adela Folgueral took over the running of the family vineyards. The land used to serve as the family livelihood of the ancestors who sold grapes and wine in bulk to costumers in the area around.

After a few years the family managed to draw together seven hectares of vineyards mainly with Mencía and other local varieties in three different landscapes in Valtuille de Abajo. This was done by purchasing and changing surrounding plots and estates.

In 1993 the plot on the high side of "El Toral" was planted. This was planted with varieties of Mencía and Chardonnay. 

In 2013, the children of Samuel and Adela  – Héctor and Víctor – decided to restore the winery, where they would start winemaking their own family brands. The refurbishment of the winery was finished in three years and equipped with steel tanks and French oak barrels where the first vintages were laid down to age. 
The grapes for this red are harvested in September and are 100% Mencía. The grapes are manually selected in the vineyard. The grapes are selected from two of the family plots; the plots of "Los Cobos" and "El Foco". The soil and the south orientation make a structured wine with red fruit flavours due to easy maturation. 70% come from this plot and the other 30% from other spots in Valtuille. Clay and boulder predominate in the area with different orientation and higher position so freshness and balanced acidity are detected from the wine from this plot.

Once the fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks it is aged separately in French oak barrels for 12 months, never new barrels which can cause an over woody flavour. 

After 12 months of ageing the coupage is done from the selection of the barrels. The bottling is done and bottles are kept in rest without movements for some months, so the characteristics are integrated before going on sale.

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