Adrian Pike took over the Westwell estate from its previous owner, John Rowe, in 2016. The vineyards are located on a South facing slope on chalk soil in the Kent Downs. The lands are planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Ortega. Adrian gained his experience at Davenport Vineyards and left to take over Westwell with his friend Marcus Goodwin. 

Prior to working in wine Adrian made a name for himself in the independent music industry and has brought some of that spirit along with him into the English wine world. 
The Westwell estate boasts an ideal mix of climate, aspect and soil. There are six classified soil geologies on the estate and the grape varieties have been planted with these in mind. Chardonnay is situated on shallower, chalky soils where flint proportions are highest and where it captures the evening sun best. The Pinots are on mixed sand / chalk soil, finally Ortega is planted in the sandiest, most sheltered spot of all to fully develop its fruit-forward, aromatic style. All the wines are made on-site from fruit grown on the estate. This gives them total control of the process and ensures an end product to be proud of. 

At Westwell they follow minimal intervention or 'natural' winemaking. When they first took over the vineyard the site was being conventionally farmed, which they decided to move away from. They now use 75% fewer sprays across the vineyard. This is a difficult feat in England due to the wet climate, most of the UK's vineyards rely on fungicides and herbicides. 

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