The term ‘natural wine’ can be somewhat unpopular in the wine world with different phrases like ‘low-intervention’ of ‘naked’ wine being the preferred terms for wine people.(rephrase) Natural wine returns to the fundamentals of viticulture and minimal intervention methods of winemaking. Natural winemakers prioritise organic and biodynamic farming practices, eschewing the use of synthetic chemicals and additives. 

The best way to understand natural wine is to know how it’s made. Like all wines it requires growing and picking the grapes for the wine, then turning them into wine through fermentation. The different techniques can vary among winemakers as there is no strict regulation or certification for natural wine, allowing for different interpretations and styles of winemaking. 

The process usually begins with the grapes being picked by hand in vineyards where the winemakers avoid using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. To ensure the grapes are of the highest quality there is a meticulous process for selective picking, to guarantee only the ripest and healthiest grapes are used for fermentation. In conventional winemaking the wine is bulk harvested and preserved in large batches with industrial yeast and additives to make sure every bottle has the same flavour. For natural wines minimal intervention of this kind is employed in the fermentation process. The natural yeasts present on the grape skins are relied on for the fermentation process. This process allows for a more unique flavour profile. Natural winemaking is a lot of watching over the wines and the term ‘low intervention’ does not mean low work. Natural winemakers have to ensure they can steer the fermentation in the direction they need to make sure it creates what they’re trying to achieve.

We have one very interesting natural wine for purchase which is the Anne Santi Raspato Pet Nat. This wine has a delicious natural sparkling to it and a unique backstory to go along with it. Francesco Annesanti produces his pet nat in his cantina in rural Umbria. He does everything himself from farming to personally dipping each bottle in wax and hand labelling. 
It is a true natural wine as it is slightly cloudy in appearance and has a fresh and clean aroma and a unique taste. 

Another great natural wine on the site is a member's only drop. This is the Crazy Javali Tinto, a juicy and cheerful red with a light raspberry colour. This unique colour reflects the strong red fruit aromas but isn’t too sweet on the mouth. This refreshing natural wine is perfect to pair along with a light summer meal or drink on its own!

So what are the overall benefits? For one, natural wine can be a great option for people who are sensitive to the chemical additives in conventional wines. Even if you aren’t, the ingredients can be a preferable choice as there is an overall reduced chemical exposure. Additionally, natural winemaking prioritises the environment, embracing organic and biodynamic farming methods. 

Natural wine is a new wave compelling alternative to conventional winemaking and consumption. Highly recommend giving it a try as it opens up a world of new flavours while supporting winemakers dedicated to preserving the environment. 

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