Afletra is a prize-winning historic pasta factory located in the province of Napoli in the small town of Gragnano. Pasta production has been taking place here for centuries, but it wasn't until the 18th century that Gragnano became a renowned location for pasta production.

Afeltra was founded in 1848, and still occupies the prized location in Via Roma in the heart of Gragnano, also known as "strada dei pastai" or pasta makers street. 
The best pasta starts with the best raw ingredients, in the case of dry pasta this just involves flour and water. Pasta from Gragnano is made with semola di grano duro, a hard wheat variety native to Italy. This is milled into coarse flour to the retain nutrients and flavour of the grain. 

The water is sourced from the nearby Monti Lattari (Lattari mountains), the same water that has been used for pasta production in Gragnano for the past 400 years. This natural spring water boasts particular characteristics like low calcium content and a balanced pH that makes it perfectly suited to making flavourful dough. 

Dry pasta takes the same artisan touch as freshly made. Alfeltra has ensured that their process is as slow and thoughtful as the historic handmade method. Each shape requires three essential steps: mixing the dough, extrusion and slow drying. 

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