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El Bandarra is the drink that will instantly transport you to sunny Barcelona beaches, even if you’re looking out your window to a grey London day. So what is it? Imagine your last vacation aperol spritz but elevated. Mixed with tonic this drink is made for long days out in the sun that fade into warm evenings drinking with friends. Enjoy alongside some of our Spanish charcuterie and you’ll truly be transported to the Mediterranean. It’s super easy to make just fill a nice El Bandarra glass with part Al Fresco, 2 parts tonic and garnish with a fresh orange slice. 

Made with the best Spanish  wines, herbs and spices from Mediterranean cliffs, and notes of refreshing grapefruit. Bottled in reusable bottles inspired by Spanish tradition of hand painting the names of tapas on the windows of bars. Fancy Barcelona in a bottle? Buy the Al Fresco and soak up the notes of Mediterranean botanicals. For a more traditional drink the Rojo is a smooth and appetising aperitivo with the perfect bittersweet balance. Made with botanicals of clove, cinnamon and bitter orange. Served with ice and orange and enjoy the long smooth taste. For those with a sweet tooth try the blanco with its refreshing touch of vanilla. This white aperitivo is made with white Grenach and Xarel-lo grapes for a surprising and amazing taste like no other. Enjoy this with ice and a slice of lemon.

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Our Story

The story behind El Bandarra is just as interesting as the taste of their aperitivo. The Virgili brothers started the company with their love and enthusiasm of food and drink. The perfect combo Jordi, Alex and Albert each bring their own specialties to the company. With Jordi taking care of the elaboration, Alex on the business and trade and Albert on the marketing and creativity. Together they bring their own unique flavour to the beverage industry to create this brand that is fun and unique. 
Their story goes back to the 1960s when their grandfather and his brother bought a 100 year old winery on the outskirts of Barcelona. They made, sold and drank their wine becoming experts in the industry. They set about making a unique vermouth by mixing white wine and Mediterranean botanicals to create the magic mixture that became their signature product. The seventies arrived and with it the golden age of vermouth where bars began hand painting the names of their tapas on the window, which went on to inspire the design of the current El Bandarra bottle. People flocked to these bars to enjoy an iced vermouth on a sunny afternoon terrace. The eighties brought about the mentality that vermouth was an old fashioned drink and their heyday faded with this, their grandfather's invention was left in the past. That is until 2014 when the brothers came in and revived their grandfather's invention. Bandarra became the perfect party guest, mixing the old family spirit with the new El Bandarra was born. They started the party and brought their drink and party attitude around the world. Salut! 

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