WilderBee Gochujang Hot Honey

Korean style Gochujang Hot Honey! They infuse organic wildflower honey with scotch bonnet chillies combined with a blend of traditional fermented Korean Gochujang for a sweet, spicy, umami kick that you’ll want to drizzle on your wings, BBQ, fried chicken, tacos, pizza, cheese.. EVERYTHING!

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WilderBee Hot Honey was created on board street food chef Dan Shearman’s food truck in 2014 after discovering the sweet and spicy condiment in a New York pizza joint. On returning to London, Dan created a UK version for his menu, using the highest quality honey infused with fresh chillies.  Made with organic wildflower honey and a blend of fruity, fiery scotch bonnet chillies, it's the perfect balance of sweetness and heat. Whether you're drizzling it over pancakes, pizza, seafood, BBQ fried chicken, ice cream, or to spice up your cocktails - you’ll be hooked after your first drizzle.

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