A cheese & charcuterie platter is perfect for any season. Whether you’re hosting a party, entertaining a small group of guests, or having a cosy night in, mastering the art of assembling a charcuterie board is a skill we believe every food lover should have. In this blog, we’re going to be covering the steps to crafting a visually appealing, flavour packed charcuterie board that’s sure to impress. Amount of ingredients is dependent on the number of guests you plan to serve, but we typically recommend 2-3 cheeses for 2-4 people, 3-5 for 4-6 people and 5 or more cheeses for 8-10 people. 
Choosing Your Ingredients
The foundation of a great charcuterie board is of course the quality and variety of the ingredients. Here’s a step by step guide to the ideal ingredients for a well-balanced charcuterie board. 

Step 1: Cheese 
We recommend beginning with a diverse range of cheeses. It’s best to include a mix of soft, semi-soft, and hard cheeses. It’s also important to consider cheeses made from different milk sources like cow, goat, and sheep for more variety. 
Step 2: Meat 
Next add an assortment of premium cured and spreadable meats. Adding both makes for a nice texture change to go with the variety of cheeses. Aim for a balance of flavours and textures, opting for both mild and bold varieties. 
Spreadable: Pâtés, Ndjua 
Step 3: Fresh Fruit and Veg 
It’s always nice to mix in some fruits and vegetables to balance things out and act as a palate cleanser. We typically recommend at least one of each and add more if desired!
Fruit: Grapes, Berries, Sliced Apples or Pears, Figs 
Vegetables: Radishes, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes 

Step 4: Bread and Crunchy Bits
It’s great to have a carb base for your cheese and meats to build the perfect bite. Aim for a variety of textures so you are soft and crunchy. We recommend Miller’s crackers, sliced baguette, pita chips, crostinis, and nuts.
Step 5: Spreads and Dips
Some sort of spread is a great flavour addition and pairs nicely with cheese and meats. Some good options include pepper jelly, honey, fig jam, salted butter, and mustard.
Step 6: Brine 
Adding something salty offers a contrast to the rich cheeses. We recommend going for olives and cornichons. 
Step 7: Assembling the Board 
Now that the ingredients are all gathered, it’s time to assemble your charcuterie board. 

First begin with a large wooden board or serving platter. We typically recommend a board if you plan on having your guests slicing cheeses. 

Next, arrange the meats and cheeses alternating adding a meat and then adding a cheese next to it and repeating all around the board. You can fold, roll, or simply place the meats on the board depending on how you would like to present it. For the cheese you can place whole cheese with cheese knives, or cut them into bite sized pieces. 

Once you have your meat and cheese on the board it's time to add all the accompaniments. Place them to fill any of the empty spaces left on the board with bread, crackers, olives, and spreads. 

Step 8: Wine Pairing 
When choosing a wine pairing for your cheese and charcuterie board is a fun way to match the flavours and textures of the meats and cheeses. There are countless pairing options and virtually any wine will work with cheese and charcuterie. We’ve made a general guideline to help you decide on which wines will go best with the board fillings you’ve chosen.
Here are some classic pairings to consider: 

  1. Chardonnay with Brie: The creamy texture and buttery flavours of brie complement the smoothness of Chardonnay, creating a luxurious pairing. 
  2. Sauvignon Blanc with Goat Cheese: The crisp acidity of Sauvignon Blanc cuts through the tanginess of goat cheese, creating a refreshing combination on the palate. 
  3. Syrah/Shiraz with Blue Cheese: The bold characteristics of Syrah/Shiraz contrasts with the pungent and creamy texture and flavours of blue cheese, resulting in a lovely pairing.
  4. Rosé with Prosciutto: The best combination for a summer charcuterie board. The light, fruity notes of Rosé complement the salty sweetness of prosciutto, making for a delightful and versatile pairing. 

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